Hi there! We’re husband-and-wife team Ashley and Andrew DeFrees, and we launched My Urban Invites in 2009. 


It all started with a gap in the market: Where could brides with a unique vision, source all of their wedding stationery in one place? 


And so our full-service design studio was born. Andrew is our engineer. Ashley is our designer. 


Today My Urban Invites is celebrating a decade in business. Based in Houston, Texas, near the galleria area, we work closely with couples, non-profits, and party people, helping them bring their design needs to life. 


From birthday celebrations to weddings and charity events, we provide the personalized service our clients are looking for. Our team takes pride in crafting quality, custom stationery.


I grew up as a competitor. I competed at everything:  soccer, track and field, ping pong, hula hoop, arm wrestling. In school, I excelled at math and science, which led me to obtain my bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. I worked in the oil and gas sector for a few years as a fluids engineer, technical writer, and Product Line Manager.


For the first few years at My Urban Invites, I worked mostly behind the scenes keeping track of finances and a whole lot of heavy lifting at bridal shows. Finally, In 2018 I joined the team full time as the production manager. Once a design is approved for printing, my job begins, and I am up to the challenge of producing only the highest quality invitations, programs, and signage for every bride and groom.  





I am a rubiks cube solver and movie trivia wiz.



I was born a Las Vegas baby- 7lbs 11oz and 21”, lucky from the start! I lived all over the U.S. including Washington, Florida, and Indiana and I enjoyed creating scrapbooks of my memories along the way. If you look back at my 6th-grade science notes it's clear, I had a flare for lettering. I spent summers with my loud Italian family. Surrounded by painters, property managers, and chefs who taught me the meaning of entrepreneurship.  


While I was in college earning my degree to become a radiation therapist, I also became a certified wedding planner and realized my true passion was in stationery design. So, My Urban Invites was born. Now, a decade later our team has grown as well as our design & printing capabilities, but my passion remains for creating custom wedding invitations that our couples will adore.



I spent years of my life on World of Warcraft leveling up my night elf druid.


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